Netflix: Password crackdown targeted to select countries!

Feb 07

As I mentioned about the password crackdown in a few previous post, now Netflix announced that only a few selected countries will be impacted!

Netflix said in October that it would stop people from sharing passwords and would test an extra fee for shared accounts. In December, it confirmed that it would start limiting "shared passwords" for home sharing users in the first quarter of 2023 and charge non-residents an extra fee to make more money.

Last week, Netflix also announced a series of restrictions starting in April, including the use of IP addresses and device identifiers to identify whether a user is living with the primary account owner. In addition, to remain a co-resident, the user must connect to the primary user's Wi-Fi and open the Netflix website or app at least once every 31 days. This set of restrictions has also drawn attention.

However, Netflix recently said that the revelations were purely accidental, not global, and were limited to specific regions for now.

As recently as last Wednesday (Feb. 1), Netflix updated its website with a series of measures to combat password sharing, but they were later taken down from the website. According to a report by The Guardian, the Netflix crackdown was limited to Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, and not to users worldwide.

According to the latest Netflix restrictions, users in these countries will have to pay an additional fee if they want to share their account passwords with people who don't live with them. In Costa Rica, for example, the monthly fee for sharing an account password is $2.99 (about RM13), which is still cheaper than subscribing to 2 Netflix accounts.

I also checked the official Netflix website. I found that Malaysia is still not bound by any of the above rules about sharing passwords. This means that it is still possible for Malaysian users to share their passwords with their family and friends without paying extra. But this doesn't mean that Malaysian users won't be affected by the next crackdown, so you should be ready.

Source:The Guardian

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