[PMPL23] All you need to know before the league start

Feb 08 · Moderator

First of all this year PMPL prizepool is actually significantly less compared to last year (80,000USD compared to last year 150,000USD) but that trade off also meant that the league has been shorten from 3 weeks to 2 weeks!

The game will start on 15th of February and ends on 26th of February, first week will let us see 5 groups (Group A to E) randomly scrambled while the 2nd week, we will see the team group based on their results on first week.
Another thing that you need to remember is that the point system has been changed and will change the game style of all players all alike, with placement point getting lesser,we might just see all teams being aggressive this season

Another thing that they didn't mention in the post is the damage increase of Sanhok Bluezone,which handicapped all the teams that used to playing healing game from the blues.

Thats all for now, are you ready to see who will #BeTheOne next?


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