Daily Topic : How to counter Gloo in current patch?

Feb 10

Lets talk about how to counter Gloo as this hero is one of the top pick and ban in the rank, and one of the most picked hero in M4 World Championship.

Gloo are dominating in Roamer and especially EXP Laner as he can easily win the lanes without much work. With his Slam Slam (1st skill) that slams the ground and giving damage those who in the slam area, plus leaving a Goo afterwards. Once it explode, it deals magic damage to enemy nearby and immobilize them for 1 sec. Gloo also can make it explode immediately when in contact. It also can combo with Pass Pass (2nd skill) that stretches Gloo forth to deal damage and immobilizing them for 0.5 sec. He also can target the Goo, making Gloo charge over it and dragging enemy as well. When Gloo using Split Split (Ultimate) , this is where he shines the most. Gloo will split into 12 up to 10 sec, the Goo can tank any damage, even tower as welll. Gloo can trigger his stack passive (Stick Stick) towards enemy he passed and will activate another Ultimate skill that is Grab Grab once the passive reached up to 5 stacks, making Gloo attached to the unfortunate enemy, immediately heals him 30% of his max HP, and 80% of the damage he received this time will transferred to the host. And this is why Gloo is far too strong in current patch.

So how we going to counter him?

I suggest these 3 heroes that can fight him.

1. Faramis

Faramis is a heavy counter for Gloo especially when Gloo use ultimate and split into 12. It is because of Faramis Ghost Burster (2nd skill) that split and bounces to enemy heroes or non heroes. Making it absolutely deadly for Gloo.

2. Lunox

Lunox can burst Gloo down and can teamfight well against Gloo. Even Gloo managed to stack on Lunox, she can easily negate any damage from Gloo when attached at her by using Power of Order : Brilliance (1st ultimate) or bring Gloo far away from his teammate and get closer to your tower by using Power of Chaos : Darkening combined with Flicker. As we know, Gloo take full damage from Tower and will not transfer that damage to the host.

3. Claude

Claude has great AoE burst skills and can easily gain stack from Gloo especially when Gloo using his ultimate, Split Split. Claude can easily use Art of Thievery (1st skill) to gain stack and use Blazing Duet (Ultimate) to burst Gloo down, as we know Claude itemization is always great to counter Tanks. He also can bring Gloo far away if Gloo attached on him by using Battle Mirror Image (2nd skill) especially when tower are nearby.

Got more suggestions about another hero that can counter Gloo or have your own strategy against him? Let us know down below.

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