The end of Chrome?

Feb 10

ChatGPT, which has been at the top of the global discussion lately, has attracted many tech giants to "embrace" it. For example, Microsoft recently announced that it will integrate a more advanced version of GPT than the existing ChatGPT into the Bing search engine and Edge browser, and now another web browser Now another web browser is going to integrate ChatGPT into it.

Recently, the web browser Opera announced that they are currently planning to incorporate ChatGPT into their products, but at this time Opera has not revealed details about the timeline or whether these features will be available in all of Opera's products, such as desktop and mobile browsers for iOS or Android.

Statcounter data from January shows that Google Chrome has the most market share in the world, with 65.4%, while Microsoft Edge has only 4.5%, even though it just announced that it will add a more advanced version of GPT to its new browser. Opera ranks sixth in the global browser market with a 2.4 percent share.

Since ChatGPT's release, a number of tech conglomerates have rushed to declare that they will release chatbots similar to ChatGPT, albeit it is unknown how these new AI capabilities compare to ChatGPT's capabilities.

Source: CNBC

Do you see ChatGPT as the game-changing revolution that finally moves Opera into a bigger share of the market? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section!

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