Alibaba's very own ChatBot!

Feb 12

The ChatGPT has become the most talked about AI product in the world overnight, and it is far better than any previous product in terms of actual performance.

It's worth mentioning that many companies in China have been laying out similar fields for a long time, and the Chinese version of ChatGPT may be unveiled soon.

Damo Academy is developing the "Ali version" of ChatGPT: currently in internal testing
According to 21 Finance, a senior technical expert at Alibaba has reported that Damo Academy is developing a ChatGPT-like conversation bot, which is currently open for testing by employees within the company.

Damo Academy is developing the "Ali version" of ChatGPT: currently in internal testing
The screenshots show that Alibaba may combine AI big model technology with nail productivity tools to enable direct conversations in nail.

In Al, big model and other underlying technologies required for ChatGPT, Dharma Institute has leading technical capabilities, previously launched the world's first 10 trillion parameter scale M6 big model, AI model open source community "magic play" and so on, the relevant research results have been in the international leading.

In addition to Ali, Baidu also revealed that its benchmark ChatGPT AI product Chinese name is called Wenxin Yiyin, English name ERNIE Bot, completed testing in March, open to the public, and is still doing the sprint before going online.

Officials previously introduced that ERNIE significantly outperformed the world's leading technologies in 16 public data sets, including sentiment analysis, text matching, natural language inference, lexical analysis, reading comprehension and intelligent question and answer, and scored above 90 for the first time on GLUE, the international authoritative benchmark for general language understanding assessment, gaining the first place in the world.

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