Ways To Get Your MLBB Acc Banned

Frenzy Official
Feb 13

Hey You! Yes you! Your MLBB account can be banned if you break any of these rules.

Profile Picture :

. Using Profile picture that is used by a Diamond seller/ Account jockey or using any inappropriate pictures as your profile picture can get your acc banned

Player Name :

. Using any Inappropriate player name or any Diamond seller /Account jockey can get your account banned

Use of VPN :

. Previously certain players used VPNs to find better server for smoother game signals and interesting events

Scripts/Injectors :

. The script also includes game pattern modifiers that include other elements in the game, which results in bad game fps & glitches

Account Sharing :

. This system is imposed due to experienced players playing in lower rank accounts (Warrior - Grandmaster) to gain certain benefits that are unfair to other normal-honest players

. Resulting injustice to players who are new to the game (Simply abusing new players)

. This is also to stop the abuse of MMR

Win Rate Exchange :
. Players who intentionally loses to drop their ranks with less used heroes to increase the Winrate of heroes they prefer

. Intentionally drop to lower ranks such as Grandmaster to use their main heroes in order to gain more Hero Power by getting Win Streak

Use of Hack Applications :

. Do I need explain why this is forbidden👹?

Provide Hero/Skin Information (Advance Server) :

. Exclusive for the Leakers😂

It seems that Moonton has become stricter with their new system Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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Credit to Dual Blade Gamerz


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