Opera browser launches "Shorten" AI interactive feature

Feb 13

Opera, a web browser, has announced the addition of a new feature called "Shorten" that combines ChatGPT and allows users to read lengthy articles by clicking ChatGPT will provide a brief description of the content when the corresponding function is pressed.

According to Opera, the "Shorten" service has been introduced to the browser's sidebar. This tool will assist users quickly grasp the article's major elements, although it is currently only available for English articles. The feature is now in beta and will soon be available for desktop and mobile versions of Opera.

In addition, Opera stated that other AI interaction tools will be added in the future to improve the surfing experience of users.

Since the release of ChatGPT, a number of tech companies have claimed that they will build chatbots similar to ChatGPT, however it is unknown how these new artificial intelligence elements will compare to ChatGPT's capabilities.


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