Bill Gates: ChatGPT does not threaten human jobs

Feb 13

Many digital titans are discussing ChatGPT, which has dominated worldwide debate lately. Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft, said "Handelsblatt" on Friday that improving artificial intelligence (AI) is the most significant breakthrough and may revolutionise people's lives.

He claimed that ChatGPT, a chatbot, may boost office efficiency and provide human-like responses to user enquiries. Previous AI were effective at speech and image recognition but not text comprehension.
Traditional AI cannot understand its content, but new programmes like ChatGPT class will help produce invoices and letters, improving office productivity.

Now that AI can optimise reading and writing, Bill Gates said that the productivity gains in the office, healthcare, and education will be widespread. AI will also help employees create bills, letters, etc., which doctors spend a lot of time on and should be able to avoid.

Many people worry about being replaced by ChatGPT, but Bill Gates believes that artificial intelligence will not pose a threat, thus teachers and physicians will not be cut. When AI takes over daily duties, workers may focus on more essential jobs and work less.

Source: Fortune

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