[PMPL23] Miramar DropSpot Prediction

Feb 13 · Moderator

This prediction is tricky one as many of the teams did actually changed their dropspot more than once, especially those who just enters PMPL and those who changed all roster...

Geek Slate-El Pozo
SEM9- Power Grid
Crit VIP-Hacienda del Patron
Genexus-Monte Nuevo
Team Haq-Pecado
Dingoz-Scrap Loot (Around Chumacherra)
Team Secret-San Martin
Maqna Gringos-Minas Generals
RavenWood- graveyard
Bapak Ah-Impala
Trio Distro-Los Leones
Yoodo Alliance - Los Leones
NSEA-Valle del Mar
Terengganu FC- Torra Ahumada
MAB- Campo Militar
Homebois-El Azahar
MPX- Cruz del Valle
Team AE- La Cobreria
RSG Slate MY-La Bendita

Other than fights on Los Leones (which actually really rare to happen) there's almost no early fight is possible unless a team decides to cut another team rotations.

Do you think Miramar is pro players favourite map?

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