ChatGPT Search Engine!

Feb 14

After releasing a new AI version of Bing (with an integrated advanced version of ChatGPT) and the Edge browser last week, Microsoft also released a waitlist. The first users have access to the feature, but it's only available on desktop for now and will be available on Android and iOS in the coming weeks. iOS soon.

Microsoft isn't "ready" for an iOS and Android-unsupported move.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft sent out a morning message alerting users that the new AI version of the Bing search engine and Edge browser is available for desktop use only. The smartphone version is still in development, but the company expects it "soon".

As the waiting list opened to test the new AI version of Bing and Edge, Microsoft's iOS app topped the Apple App Store.

Microsoft has disabled the mobile version of Bing AI while optimising it for mobile. Android and iOS Bing app releases will add this capability.

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