I didn't get the alort ,so i take dada!

molan is coming
Feb 16

★dada=matilda,matil“da”so i call him “dada”

if we want to talk about dada's strength, we have to talk about his 1 skill and ult!

But we are not here to introduce dada today. Today's protagonist is ~alort!🎉🎉
I have introduced alort before, so I will not explain alort in detail today.

I felt something was wrong from the very beginning of this round,
Because of no long after the start, the opposite Alort rushed into our jungel.

Then I happened to get the first blood. After that, the opponent's alort has been frequently stealing our buffs.
then we keep killing them, but we can't get any blue buff.😖😖😭

Until the end miya developed, the damage became higher and killed many of us.
Our alort stayed on the up road and refused to come down to support.

It took a lot of hard work to finally to let enemy die. Finally pushed the tower to explode...

But Alort's damage is very strong in the early stage! Do not underestimate the alort.

Although our Alort refused to come to the bottom road to support alone. But he can beat Julian alone! In the later stage of the team battle, he flew in and kept stabbing. In the end, he was able to come out safely.

The current Alort can be said to be very OP, in the future the official nerf Alort will definitely be :)

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