[PMPL23] Crit(ical) Rise

Feb 17 · Moderator

While Team AE is still on top of the chart with 82 points ( Still 15 points gap with Geek Fam). Kudos must be given to Crit VIP for rising up by large margin in the second day.

CRIT VIP was on 19th at the end of yesterday match, but today, they've completely changed their gamestyle. Resetting their mentality and play with quality, they managed to rise to Top 6 after today ( The highlights are definitely match 2 and 3)

We can also see some teams that performed yesterday dropped down the ranks by quite a bit such as THQ and TFC ( being the only teams with chicken dinner on second page)
This is getting really interesting, do you think this season of PMPL will have the closest gap between all teams? Tell me your opinion 👇

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