I can’t stand it any more! ! ! !

molan is coming
Feb 17

What the hell is this damage ! ! !
Every time I meet hilda, it will definitely end badly... Once I played mm and it directly beat me to 5-10.

The damage is too high! And I can't run away, because her 2 skills will always be close to the enemy.After hitting the enemy, there are still three CC.

I really couldn't take it anymore, so I ran to report it
The content of the report is probably: hilda's damage is too high, and the control is also high.
Skill 1 speeds up chasing mm, making it difficult for mm/mage to escape from him😖😖 Just release 2/3 skills to kill Crispy directly. And if you can't kill it, hilda can also recover blood in the grass...it's already broken for the tank. 😡😡😡

She came to harass our jungel in early stage and it is very unsolvable... and her damage in the early stage is already so high...Steal buff and take first blood.🤯🤯

Do you also feel that hilda needs to be nerfed very much?I think, if it is a mage/mm player, it will be very angry 😡 There is no way to fight!Use 1 skill + charge just to find me and kill me. 😭😭

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