M20 Rp is available Now

Malik hanzla
Feb 17

M20 Royal Rp team event is available in Pubg Mobile 📱.
In this event there are lots of in game rewards available.for this we need to purchase Royal pass.

In this event you need to create your own Rp team or join another friend team.Maximem 20 players can join one team.

If you Rp team have 2 plays then you get 1 Rp mission Card ♦️, 5 players join your team then you have to get
1 supply crate, at the players complete you get 1 paint 🎨 at 20 players completed you get 1 Classic crate as a reward.

There also rewards are available on overall Rp Rank of your Rp team.At level 30 you get 120 G Currency 💵 , At level 75 there one Rp mission Card is available, At level 150 there is one supply crate , At level 250 there is one classic crates and at level 350 you get one perimum crate as a reward.

In Rp team servicers join Members Reward are given to every participant of the Rp team.

Have you tried to join Rp team any other advantages of the Rp team?
Share your feedback Thank you.

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