Daily Topic : How to counter Gusion in current patch?

Feb 17

Lets talk about how to fight Gusion in current meta/patch as this hero are widely picked in most of the rank, even in Tournament as well.

As we know, Gusion is a popular pick especially in Jungle due to his deadly combo damage as Assassin. With his Shadowblade Slaughter (2nd skill) that throws 5 blade and mix with Sword Spike (1st skill) that marks the 1st hero hit, making Gusion moves behind the marked enemy and recalls the 2nd skill blade, thus giving massive damage. If that isnt enough, Gusion will cast Incandescence (Ultimate) to refresh his skills and enable him to cast the combo once again.

Since Gusion is so deadly as Jungler, how can we fight against him?

Here are 3 hero that I recommend to use when against Gusion.

1. Minsitthar

Minsitthar is a great counter for Gusion as his Kings Calling (Ultimate) can disable Gusion ability to use 1st skill and Ultimate. It is because Minsitthar Ultimate has special effect that is disable any Dash and Blink skills. This will make Gusion helpless inside Minsitthar Ultimate.

2. Hayabusa

Hayabusa also can become a great counter against Gusion. It is because Hayabusa can instantly use his Ougi : Shadow Kill (Ultimate) when Gusion tried to combo and get close to Hayabusa, making Gusion will think twice to burst down Hayabusa.

3. Saber

Saber also has the same function as Hayabusa but much more deadly because of the massive damage he can do in his Triple Sweep (Ultimate) mixed with Orbiting Swords (1st skill), might instantly kill Gusion if he get close to Saber. And Saber also can lockdown Gusion first if he got vision advantage.

Bonus Tips

Consider to buy Winter Truncheon to avoid all Gusion combo with the right timing or buy Athena Shield mix with Radiant Armor to lessen the combo damage from Gusion.

Here are 3 heroes that I recommend to use when against Gusion. Have more heroes and tactics that can counter Gusion? Let us know in comment down below.

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