New MYTHIC Tier Skins!!! (Only for Mythic rankers)

Frenzy Official
Feb 17

Stuff About : New tag the MYTHIC Tier

It will be exclusive skins that can only be obtained by exchanging it for 30× Mythic Coins

Players can claim 10× Mythic Coins at the end of every season just like claiming BP/Tickets at the end of season (Only if you reached Mythic on the last season)

It seems that Saber, Hayabusa, Layla and Tigreal will get the new MYTHIC skin at the same time so players can choose which ones they want.

Or it will a Voting Event similar to MLBB's Reforge Your Legend event to decide which one will get the MYTHIC tier 1st.

Surely there will be more to know about this new interesting Tier so please be patient with us.

Picture credits to Dual Blade Gamerz and
Hero Pofa YouTube


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