Tesla recalls 363,000 cars over self-driving software

Feb 17

After US safety concerns, Tesla is changing its self-driving software.

According to federal filings, almost 363,000 US vehicles are recalled.

Tesla reported no injuries or deaths from the incidents.

American officials are scrutinizing the company's autopilot system.

The recall notice states that NHTSA representatives met with Tesla in January to discuss the "full self-driving beta" software.

The NHTSA stated the technology permitted driving through a yellow light, going straight through an intersection from a turn-only lane, and not stopping at a stop sign.

"FSD Beta software that permits a vehicle to exceed speed limits or go through junctions unlawfully or unpredictablely increases the danger of a crash," it warned.

Tesla filed a recall "out of an abundance of caution" despite disagreeing with the agency's findings.

Owners are being notified. Free software update.

"The word "recall" for an over-the-air software update is antiquated and just flat wrong!" tweeted Elon Musk on Thursday, without explicitly addressing the decision.

The company's full self-driving beta system, its most advanced autopilot technology, was recalled again.

It adds traffic lights and stop signs to cruise control and steering for $15,000 (£12,500) in North America.

Tesla recalled roughly 54,000 vehicles last year because the system enabled cars drive through stop signs.

Tesla model S and X cars with complete self-driving beta software were recalled recently. The system affects model 3s and model Ys.

Tesla reported 18 warranty claims for the issue.

Tesla and the NHTSA claim Tesla's improved driving features don't make cars autonomous and require drivers to pay attention.

Source: BBC Tech

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