Revamped Hanabi's Debut In MPL ID

Frenzy Official
Feb 18


MPL ID : RRQ VS BTR Alpha (BTR Alpha pick'd Hanabi)

Well let's go straight to the business shall we :

Pharsa went to bottom lane (Gold Lane) to help Claude at minute 02:00 resulting in 2 vs 1 as RRQ's Claude & Pharsa bullied BTR Alpha's revamped Hanabi.

Hanabi gave out a fight but as predicted RRQ gained 1st Blood as Pharsa slayed Hanabi.

Yes Hanabi did get a kill but only a single kill in the whole match, a kill from a war and the single kill was on Lemon's Explane Gloo.

RRQ get 2 Turtle & 2 Lords while BTR Alpha managed to get only 1 Turtle.

By turrets RRQ destroyed all but 1 inner turret at the Bottom/Gold Lane while BTR Alpha only destroyed all 3 outer turrets of RRQ.

The match ends as BTR Alpha's only survivor Edith watches bitterly as their Base reduced to rubble by RRQ at minute 18:35
(Without Lemon/Gloo as he's dead at the moment)

Note : RRQ also won match No. 2 and Yes! BTR Alpha did pick Hanabi again.

Moral of the story : Maybe it's not the best line-up to introduce Hanabi back in current MPL (try again next time but with different line-up)


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