[PMPL23] The Unstoppable

Feb 19 · Moderator

Again and again Geek Slate (Formerly known as Geek Fam) Prove why they're the best team in Malaysia. Many doubted their performance after the departure of uHigh from Geek, but they just prove them wrong.

After standing on the runner up spot for 3 days straight, Geek Slate repeated what DBD has done yesterday, getting themselves a double Chicken Dinner. With allow them to climb the ranks with ease.

With a gap of 12 points with DBD, it can't be said that Geek Slate is in comfort zone as of now, many teams started to hit the three digit mark and some teams are just consistently improve over time and climb the ranks silently.
With that being said, SEM9 is finally not at the #20 place anymore, could this be a starting point for them to be better?

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