Yin As Yuji Itadori Review

Feb 19

MLBB X JUJUTSU KAISEN Yin as Yuji Itadori skill effects and WP.

"I'm Yuji Itadori! I'm into girls like Jennifer Lawrence. Pleasure to meet you!"

Longest entrance quote in MLBB's history (for now)

Let me make it clear that I don't hate Yuji but honestly this skin's entrance animation was lame and most importantly there is NO Sukuna model!

Dev has given really lame excuse for not including Sukuna's model in this skin but it is truly unacceptable.

Visually normal 2nd skill & enhanced 1st skill can be better but they just splattered some black and white and call it a Jujutsu Kaisen skin.

If you ask me if I'll but this skin or not then my answer will be a definite NO!

This is MLBB's 2nd Failed Collab Skin after Ling's Lord Shen (at least Lord Shen has beautiful skill effects)

Price : Roughly 6k dias (can be lowered using daily discounts and event's tokens)

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