A new career in the age of AI !: "AI communicator"

Feb 19

We often say that AI will replace manpower, and the current ChatGPT makes many clerical workers worry about their careers. Nonetheless, some see AI as a crisis and a chance to generate new jobs, and many AI-related jobs are being created.

Rhea Games, a Taiwanese firm, created the "AI communicator" post at the end of last year. The major career criteria are a thorough understanding of AI, the capacity to use AI for development, and how to command AI.

Other companies hired for related positions, paying NT$32,000 to 40,000. (about RM4,666 to RM5,833).

If you've used ChatGPT, you know that getting the AI to give you the answers or job you want takes skill. However, if I spent a lot of time entering precise instructions, writing, or analysis that I wanted the AI to undertake, it would take approximately the same amount of time as if I had written the news by hand, therefore it is difficult to use ChatGPT to improve work efficiency.

In the more advanced field of painting, you don't need to manually trace the drawing painting, but you still need to grasp the style and intricacies of each, not to mention the AI's understanding of chopsticks, human fingers, and other actions is really......

The US once had a post called "Prompt Engineer" (Prompt Engineer), whose job was to figure out how to communicate with AI and acquire the necessary outcomes.

Of course, AI trainers and interpreters explain and justify AI actions to help people accept them. AI has provided opportunities for AI-related programmers, logic developers, etc.


What other jobs do you think are likely to be created in the AI era? Why not share it!

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