PMPL Indonesia Week 1 Results: BoomeSports Takes the Lead"

Malik hanzla
Feb 19

The PMPL Indonesia 🇮🇩 Week 1 has come to an end, and we've got some exciting results to share! Congratulations to @boomesportsid for leading the pack and being chased by Voin Esports. Shoutout to @teamrrqofficial, @bigetronesports, and @AlterEgo_IDN for their solid finishes as well. It's also great to see @arfteamesports starting off decently in the competition. However, it was a tough week for @Persija_Esports, who had a horrendous start. Stay tuned for more action and drama in the upcoming weeks of PMPL Indonesia

Who were the top performing teams in the first week of PMPL Indonesia, and which team had a difficult start?

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