5th Anniversary Celebration is coming soon: PUBG MOBILE

Aleena Zafar
Feb 21

Get ready, PUBG Mobile fans! The game is turning five years old in March 2023, and the developers have some exciting content planned to celebrate the occasion.

As part of the game's 5th anniversary celebration, players can expect to see a series of anniversary-themed content. One of the most exciting features that have been leaked is a themed mode/arena based on Erangel, which includes some exclusive items and areas.

Players will have the chance to find and use two new items in the game.which are listed as follows:

1) New item - Block Cover: Found in crates all over the map, Block Cover constitutes three shapes, which one can use to spawn a defensive wall. Furthermore, players can use these as cover, a bridge, or an elevator.

2) New item - Portable Trampoline: Another item that one can find in the crates all over the map launches the players into the air with a single touch.

3) 5th anniversary-themed areas: The themed mode will have an area called Imagination Plaza. One can unlock crates and attain various advanced resources by occupying marked structures in the plaza. After opening the four marked structures, players can compete for a larger container with the logo based on the 5th anniversary, given in the middle. The large crate will have more resources. At the same time, these item crates will be scattered across various smaller themed areas, known as Imagination Districts

Overall, PUBG Mobile's 5th anniversary update promises to be a treat for fans. Keep an eye out for this content when it's released, and get ready to celebrate five years of playing one of the most popular mobile games out there!

Personally, I'm looking forward to trying out the new Block Cover and Portable Trampoline items. I think they'll add a fun new dimension to gameplay and give players more options for traversing the map and taking cover.

What adjustments and additions are you most excited about in the upcoming update? Do you have any predictions about what other content might be released for the game's 5th anniversary? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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