[PMPL23] Intimidating Group

Feb 21 · Moderator

Even though at this point, many can see which team better than the other, none can turn a blind eye to the grouping for Week 2 as it is kind of unorthodox grouping.

As most people know, even though the last Spring group poll is done live on stream, many wonders the authenticity of the poll as the groups were a bit bias, one looks like made for rush gameplay lover another was all stars.

With using Week 1 rankings for grouping this season, we can see a lot of different composition but none of them seems all that special except for Group C.

A PMNC newcomers that's in Top 5, Yoodo Alliance one of the Malaysia PMGC representative,SEM9 who's already have a good reputation, RSG Slate MY which full of new bloods.

It's definitely a must watch group for me personally.

Which group do you think is the most intimidating one yet?

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