A new hero written by myself~(Post 2)

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Mar 14

Remember to read post 1 first to understand Yuan's skills yoii~

Yuan's skills are related to plants and his means of attack "seeds".

So I also wrote Yuan's backstory!

★Note, this story is just made by molan. Written by myself, never written by others, please enjoy the novel written by Molan~

But I am too lazy to revise this novel:) I handed it over to Google Translate, if you don’t understand it, please leave a message to let me know~

Because the novel is too long, I will divide it into 3 parts to post!†★★†

(novel 1)
In the depths of the Black Forest, apart from Ruby and Roger, there is actually a reclusive assassin, who is said to be with the grass and trees, and has accomplished a "great deed" that no assassin can do. But one night three months ago, when he was going to Guangqi City to perform a mission, he saw a mother-in-law collapsed by the roadside at the foot of a mountain. When he got out of the carriage and walked behind his mother-in-law, he was suddenly hit on the back of the head with some kind of stabbing device, and her mother-in-law stabbed him in the abdomen with a hidden knife at this time. As he fainted, he saw a murderer with a bloody stick and a grin on his face.

When he woke up, he was lying on a relatively hard wooden bed, and he couldn't remember anything except that he was an assassin. At this time, a father and son opened the curtain and came in. The father and son lived at the foot of the mountain, and they happened to see him bleeding and rescued him. The boy was holding a bowl of porridge, while the boy's father sat by the bed and fed the assassin. His father also asked his name at this time, but he had long forgotten the past. He replied, "Sorry, I don't remember." After listening, the father turned to look at the boy. At this time, the boy tilted his head thinking about something... Then the boy said "Yuan...Yuan's Yuan" and "Yuan" who got a new name slowly showed a moving smile.

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