A new hero written by myself~(Post 3)

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Mar 14

Remember to read post 1 first to understand Yuan's skills yoii~

yuan's skills are related to plants and his means of attack "seeds".

So I also wrote Yuan's backstory!

★Note, this story is just made by molan. Written by myself, never written by others, please enjoy the novel written by Molan~

But I am too lazy to revise this novel:) I handed it over to Google Translate, if you don’t understand it, please leave a message to let me know~

Because the novel is too long, I will divide it into 3 parts to post!†★★†

novel 1

novel 2
After recovering from his injuries, Yuan left the father and son's home. Yuan didn't know where he was going, but came to a burnt house in the deep mountain by "feeling". When he walked to the burnt house, two tears appeared on his face at some point. Yuan didn't know why she was crying, but she felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity. He went to a corner of the house and searched for something. He searched for a long time and still couldn't find that "thing"... "Hey, are you looking for him?" The girl's voice sounded. When Yuan looked up, he saw a vine swaying in front of his eyes, and it held a photo, which was a photo of Yuan and his mother, and he also recalled his childhood memories at this time. His mother died of dystocia when giving birth to Yuan, and his father also chose to commit suicide not long after, Yuan became an orphan in an instant. "Have you lost your memory?" Vine spoke again, and then she asked Yuan to follow her vine.

Yuan followed the vines to a big tree, and the vines returned to the leaves. The right side of the big tree also turned into a tree hole. "Come in." Yuan walked into the tree hole and found that it was very spacious, and the girl was sitting on the sofa against the wall. Yuan felt no stranger after meeting the girl, but felt a little like seeing a relative. The girl's name is Lu, but she is also called "Hua Li" by the team members. Yuan was invited to sit next to the girl. The girl closed her eyes and conjured a flower from her hand, the stamens of which were still shining with a faint green light. She asked Yuan to close her eyes and gently placed the flower in her hand on his head. At this time, all the people hiding in the other room came out. They are respectively, Ni, Wagent, and Fu Yang.

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