A new hero written by myself~(Post 4)

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Feb 22

Remember to read post 1 first to understand Yuan's skills yoii~

Yuan's skills are related to plants and his means of attack "seeds".

So I also wrote Yuan's backstory!

★Note, this story is just made by molan. Written by myself, never written by others, please enjoy the novel written by Molan~

But I am too lazy to revise this novel:) I handed it over to Google Translate, if you don’t understand it, please leave a message to let me know~

Because the novel is too long, I will divide it into 3 parts to post!†★★†

novel 1

novel 2

Then this is Novel 3! It's also the last one!

Yuan slowly recovered his memory, and then he was dragged out of the tree hole by Ni. "You were asked to perform a simple task, how could you do it like this?" Ni's temper was already violent, and he became even more violent when he encountered such a thing. Wagent came out and began to blame Yuan for not doing things well and putting himself in danger instead. Fu Yang couldn't stand his brother Yuan being accused and rushed out. When the three players were arguing about it, "Be careful!" Yuan and Hua Li yelled at almost the same time, and Yuan threw the other three players down. Only a loud noise was heard, and there was an explosion and a raging fire ignited. Because Huali reacted quickly and used the vines to block the attack, not much damage occurred. And Yuan vaguely found a person... His grinning smile is something Yuan will never forget in his life. And this explosion also caused the tree to burn half of its leaves and 2 vines.

After Yuan saw the grinning murderer, he walked over quickly. Anger was written in his eyes. "Hey! Where are you going?" Ni grabbed Yuan's arm, but was directly stabbed in the palm by the spikes growing from the arm. "Revenge..." Yuan's tone was full of murderous intent. Yuan approached him step by step, the man was galloping on the road. Yuan disappeared directly in place, leaving only a seed in place. Big trees kept growing around the murderer. In the distance, a man in a coat was facing the murderer with his head down. The murderer drew out a knife and was about to kill him, but when he was about to hit him, he suddenly raised his head. The coat The face under it was Yuan himself, and the moment he cut it off, a tree grew under his feet, and Yuan disappeared, and then appeared behind the murderer and gave him a blow to the head! He also gently scratched a slit with the spike on the arm towards the murderer's abdomen. The murderer fell into a coma in fear.

Yuan teleports the wounded and unconscious murderer back to the seed left at the beginning. After he put down the killer, he tied him up with vines. "Is there any injury?" Ni ran over and asked worriedly, but the most important concern at the moment was the wound on his palm. Although it had been bandaged, Yuan still said carefully, "I'm sorry for hurting you." Wagent just came out of the forest at this time and looked at the unconscious murderer, "Then this murderer..." "Don't worry, he won't die, I just let him experience my fear a little bit" Margin said while calling the murderer He got into the carriage. Tomorrow he and Fu Yang will go to Guangqi City again in the carriage, but this time he has another purpose! When he arrives, he will personally throw the murderer into the cell, and he will directly announce in court that he is going to retire and live in seclusion! After returning to the Black Forest, Huali let him live in a tree hole, but also assigned Yuan a task, which was to protect and monitor every move nearby! In case the big tree is attacked again.

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