Immortal Rank (wait what?!)

Frenzy Official
Feb 22

Advance server UPdate : IMMORTAL

As we have told you before that devs gonna introduce a new rank between Mythic and Mythical Glory on Advance server.

The new rank is called "Immortal" and together with the new rank dev has also implant this update with a new system the "Mythic Star"

Mythic :
Complete 10× Placement Matches with New Rules!

. When a player wins a Mythic placement match the player's Mythic Stars will increase (similar to normal ranks) but if the player lost their Mythic Stars will not be reduced.

. The Mythic Stars earned by the player are still counted when the Placement period ends.

Immortal :
. Collect 25× Mythic Stars after reaching Mythic to reach the brand new Immortal rank!

Mythical Glory :
. After reaching Immortal, players need to collect 50× Mythic Stars to finally reach Mythical Glory!

🎁New event : Road to Mythic🎁

. Complete tasks given to claim various rewards especially the precious Mythic Coins!

. Mythic Coins can be exchanged for the upcoming MYTHIC tier skins!!!

More info on this new system soon👹

Picture credits to Dual Blade Gamerz


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