Team Resurgent Players Caught Cheating in PMPL Vietnam.

Rendang daging26
Feb 22

In a shocking turn of events, two players from Team Resurgent have been caught hacking in the ongoing PMPL Vietnam. As a result, the players have been removed from the team, and the entire team has been banned from participating in the upcoming Fall season.

Cheating in esports is a serious issue, and it undermines the competitive spirit of the game. We stand firm in our commitment to maintaining a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Our anti-cheat system is constantly monitoring gameplay, and we encourage the community to report any suspicious activity.

We urge all players to adhere to the game's rules and regulations and maintain the spirit of fair play. We will continue to investigate any such incidents and take appropriate actions against those who violate the rules.

What steps do you think game developers and tournament organizers can take to prevent cheating in esports, and how can the community help in this effort?

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