Spotify releases "DJ," a personalised music feature with AI

Feb 23

Today, Spotify debuted "DJ," an AI function that personalises music listening, ahead of its Stream On event, when it is expected to unveil a new home feed and other upgrades. Spotify's DJ feature will play a customised playlist with AI-powered commentary about your favourite songs and artists in a "stunningly lifelike voice."

According to Spotify, the DJ will determine what to play when you press the button after getting to know you. Spotify calls it "AI DJ in your pocket."

At times when users don't want to tell Spotify what to stream or fiddle with its UI to pick a playlist, the functionality might make Spotify a passive experience.

The OpenAI-powered function is now only available in English for Spotify Premium customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Spotify's usage of modern AI to boost personalisation was inevitable given the IT industry's concentration on AI.

The business says its new DJ tool uses its personalisation technology, an AI voice from the 2022 Sonantic acquisition, and OpenAI Generative AI. Spotify says it works with OpenAI, but not as a partner.

The new DJ tool will provide listeners a tailored stream of new and classic tunes. We understand this feed will refresh. Listeners will hear commentary followed by the tune.

AI may say:
Polo G collaborates with Future for his first release of the year this week. This is the pair's first collaboration, however Southside, who has worked with both, produced most of Polo's upcoming release.

The user can hit the DJ button again to change genres, artists, or moods if the DJ misses. Like song skips or likes, using the function will improve its suggestions.

Xavier "X" Jernigan, Spotify's Head of Cultural Partnerships, hosted "The Get Up," which inspired the DJ's voice. His voice is the "initial model" for the DJ feature, implying the business will add more voices.

Visit Spotify's iOS or Android app's Music Feed on the Home page and hit Play on the DJ card to start. The DJ will next play music and short remarks.

In limited tests before launch, the voice sounded authentic even as it incorporated customised content like band names. Its music choices didn't stand out compared to Spotify's personalised playlists. DJ should improve eventually.

After a few suggestions, the DJ played tracks you streamed last year. We were surprised to find these flashbacks separated from the contemporary songs. After tapping through the recommendations again, the DJ shifted genres. Summer flashbacks returned. Like swapping playlists.

While you play the music, the DJ moves from a green circle on a blue background to the bottom-right of the Now Playing interface, which otherwise looks the same—it plays looping visuals if available, displays player controls, and provides access to the heart button and lyrics.

We haven't tested the tool enough to advocate its use or establish how well the DJ improves its suggestions over time.

Spotify is pitching the tool as an AI-powered enhancement to attract customers while ChatGPT and Google's Bard raise awareness of AI's promise and risks.

The company claimed the DJ tool will begin rolling out today in its supported markets.

Source: TechCrunch

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