Can BTR win the championship? :PUBG MOBILE

Aleena Zafar
Feb 23

As the 2023 PMPL Vietnam Spring season nears its end, the competition is fierce, with teams vying for the championship title. One team that has been making waves is Bigetron Red Aliens (BTR), who have been delivering impressive performances throughout the season.

However, with only four days left in the tournament and an 80 point gap to close, the question on everyone's mind is whether BTR can still come out on top and take home the championship trophy. So, what are your thoughts on BTR's chances of winning the 2023 PMPL Vietnam Spring Championship?

Do you think BTR has what it takes to make a comeback and close the point gap in just four days? Let's start a discussion in the comments section and share our predictions and opinions on the tournament and BTR's chances of coming out on top.

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