Daily Topic : How to counter Paquito in current patch?

Feb 24

Lets talk about how to counter Paquito as this hero are back in the top picked list in Ranked Match after his buff in this recent updated patch.

We are familiar with Paquito combo plus the activation passive (Champ Stance) that makes him have extra skill that is enchanced skill of any in his skill set that can use only once. Making him deadly enough to burst down squishy heroes and even tanks in early game. He is one of the best Jungler hero that easily snowballing the game if played well and managed to have successful ganks around the map.

How we gonna shutdown this deadly Jungler?

Here are 3 heroes that I recommend to use when against Paquito Jungler.

1. Barats

Barats is the best hero when comes to tank Paquito combo damage and with his passive (Big Guy) that gains 2% Resilience in every stack (up to 25), Barats most of the time will be less affected with CC from Paquito's Combo. Making him the best hero to use when it comes to teamfight or contesting Objective such as Turtle or Lord.

2. Benedetta

When it comes to counter the overpowered Paquito, Benedetta will be one of the best choice in terms of damage and mechanical skills. With her 2nd skill ( Eye for An Eye), she can fend of any damage and CC as well. If successfully fend of CC, she can stun the giver for 1.5 sec for stabbing them, thus cancelling down Paquito's combo while disabling him and burst him down with her ultimate Alecto : Final Blow.

3. Yu Zhong

When comes to very straightforward fight against damage vs sustain, Yu Zhong is the best choice against Paquito. Not only he has balanced damage, he also have super sustain ability that helps him tank and fighting Paquito. With his ultimate Black Dragon Form that turns him into Dragon for duration of time and then into Dragonoid for 10 second that gives all of his skill much bigger range, it become the key factor to beat down Paquito. And the most important part is his passive (Cursing Touch) that will activate once its full from damaging enemys, giving him extra Spell Vamp and Restores 6% of his Max HP from nearby enemy heroes.

Bonus Tips

Remember to buy Antique Currias to lower down Paquito physical damage as he is very reliable on Skill Damage.

Have more heroes to suggest? Got some good tactics to share? Let us know comment down below.

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