Establishing Synergy | Team Up for New PUBG Mobile Rewards!

Rendang daging26
Feb 24

Hey gamers!🎮👾 Have you heard about the latest rewards in PUBG Mobile's update 2.4?🆕🔥 Establishing Synergy is offering new rewards for teaming up and earning ratings points with your friends!🤝🏆

At 9001 ratings points, you can get a Like (chicken) reward🐔, at 19001 ratings points, you can earn a Grilled Chicken popularity reward🍗, and at 29001 ratings points, you can get a Heart popularity reward❤️. That's not all! At 39001 and 49001 ratings points, you can also get Diamonds popularity rewards💎.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your squad and start earning those ratings points to claim these exciting rewards!👊🏼 Don't forget to share your progress and rewards with us in the comments section below.👇🏼

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