Journalists utilise AI-generated voice for bank verification

Feb 25

AI has both benefits and drawbacks. Someone tried to hack European and American banks using AI-generated voice!

Some European and American banks use voice ID logins, unlike Malaysia. Joseph Cox, a professional writer/journalist, detailed online how he utilised an AI-generated voice to bypass the bank's speech verification system to check his balance and previous transfers.

Joseph Cox used Resemble.AI, which produces voices from user samples. He uploaded an interview clip of himself and chose a voice model that resembled his. Hence, Joseph Cox could contact his bank's customer care number, verify himself, and check his balance and recent transactions.

This attack only requires a laptop, microphone, and headset. The AI may interpolate or fill in voice samples to mimic the user's tone, rhythm, and accent.

Voice ID is used in banking and in some US states to verify criminal records over the phone. AI can generate a target person's speech and access critical information using a voice verification system, which could lead to privacy breaches or identity theft.

As AI technology advances, additional techniques to crack voice ID may emerge, even though Malaysians rarely utilise it.

Source: Twitter

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