[PMPL23] Beyond Expectation

Feb 25 · Moderator

After 3 days of match, another challenger for the championship has suddenly appeared. Team Haq who has been playing decently since Day 1 has a sudden rise and rose to the third place at the moment. Surpassing Team RavenWood.

On the last match of Week 2 Day 3, Team Haq did not only score themselves a WWCD, they'd also broke the season kill record with 18 Kills at the moment. This is certainly a great thing to see, who knows what else will they show us in the future.

But still, DBD has a bad day on Day 3, and Geek Slate overtook them with ease with a gap of 25 POINTS. Will DBD able to overcome their nemesis with 2 days left to play?

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