🎮 PUBGM SEA Updates: 🎮

Malik hanzla
Feb 25

🎮 PUBGM SEA Updates: 🎮

🔥 Boom takes the Lead over Voin! The competition is heating up in the Southeast Asia region as teams battle it out for the top spot. Can Boom maintain their lead or will Voin stage a comeback?

🏆 Geek Fam retakes the lead from DBD. The race for first place is on as the top teams battle for supremacy. Will Geek Fam be able to hold on to their position or will DBD reclaim the top spot?

🚀 D’Xavier should 100% secure their win by the end of tomorrow's games. With a dominant performance so far, D'Xavier is on the verge of securing a victory. Can they maintain their winning streak?

🎯 Vpe need 53 points to catch up with Hail in the remaining 8 games they have left. The competition is fierce as teams battle for a spot in the top ranks. Can Vpe make a comeback and secure their spot in the top rankings?

Stay tuned for more updates on the PUBGM SEA region!

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