Basic Skill For Best Game play #17 | Use of Dancing 🦁

Rendang daging26
Feb 25

Are you tired of getting killed in the last Circle because you couldn't spot your enemies hiding in the grass like snakes? Fear no more! We've got a pro tip for you. 🤫

If you come across the Dancing Lion 🦁 in your game, make sure to use it to your advantage. The Dancing Lion provides protection for a few seconds before it gets destroyed, which gives you enough time to spot any enemies lurking in the grass and take them down.

Simply move around on the Dancing Lion and keep an eye out for any movements in the grass. Don't let your guard down, though! Your enemies may be smart enough to move around as well. Stay alert and stay focused, and you'll be able to come out on top.

Have you tried using the Dancing Lion technique in PUBG Mobile? How effective was it for you?

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