[PMPL23] Monstrosity 😶‍🌫️

Feb 26 · Moderator

Geek Slate has officially done it, being the first team to reach 300 points in PMPL MALAYSIA. It was expected by most people but with DBD going neck to neck with Geek Slate, many too has started to doubt it.

The brilliance of DamGOOD and leadership shown by him definitely contributed to the success of Geek Slate, alongside Snipes amazing support, Mica insane firepower and Stuxnet experience.

This team at the moments seems like a MONSTROSITY for the rest of the teams in PMPL MALAYSIA....

With a gap of 26 points, Geek Slate is leading DBD with RavenWood at 3rd place with their consistent gameplay. But the real show here is the fight for the 4th to 5th place, with THQ,YALL,GNX,TS,TAE, and DoZ going neck to neck for the next stage in SEA.

Tomorrow's the last day, will DBD overcome their nemesis and become the champion? Or will Geek Slate be the back to back champion and reclaim their throne, or maybe... Some other teams will make a surprise and comeback strong 🌚

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