Feb 26

MCPS Majors, the local Free Fire pro league in Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines & Sri Lanka returns for its 5th season this Spring! Let's take a look at the event's overview format!

Like previous seasons, the event will be split into 5 phases; the Registrations, In-Game Qualifiers, Qualifier Finals, League Circuit & Grand Finals.

The registration period was held for 2 days previously on Feb 24th-25th and today (Feb 26th) was the In-Game Qualifiers (IGQ).

The Qualifier Finals will be held on March 5th, and will feature 24 teams of which 6 teams are invited from Season 4, champion of MEL 2022 and 17 teams from IGQ. The Top 12 will advance into the League Circuit and will battle with the Top 6 teams from Season 4, which will run for 3 weeks (each week features 3 matchdays) from March 18th - April 2nd.

Finally, the Grand Finals will be held for 1 day on April 15th featuring the Top 12 from the League Circuit across 6 matches to determine the Champions of Season 5 and top teams to represent MCPS in the upcoming Free Fire SEA Invitational (FFSI)!

This season, each matchday will be comprised of 6 matches in the order of Bermuda >> Purgatory >> Alpine >> Nexterra >> Bermuda >> Randomizer, and will feature a total prizepool of $50,000 USD!

Stay tuned for more details! 😉

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