[PMPL23] Thank You

Feb 27 · Moderator

3 TIMES, This is the Third Time Geek Slate has become the champion, and also the only one that win it through 3 different era (MY,MY/SG,MY/SG/PH).

Thank you for the hard work of all 20 teams for doing their best go give us some enjoyable performance and gameplay for the past two weeks. I'll hope we'll see you again in Fall Split✨

Congratulations again to Geek Slate for getting direct slot for both PMWI and PMSL. Also congrats to DBD,RavenWood,Yoodo Alliance and Genexus for qualifying to the next stage✨

See y'all again next month for the new PUBG MOBILE SUPER LEAGUE, thanks again for watching my post in the past two weeks~

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