First detailed preview of Sivir rework revealed, will hit PBE this week

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Jun 22

Sivir is next on the list of League of Legends champions to undergo major changes. Developer Riot Games released a preview of the Sivir rework on Twitter today, outlining how it envisions the new marksman in the current meta.

LoL gameplay analyst Ray Williams added in the same tweet that the Sivir rework will hit PBE servers this week. While the numbers are not final, the general direction to push her as a “premier AOE team fighting crit marksman” has been set, he confirmed.

The biggest changes are to Ricochet (W), which has a revised mechanic that will see boomerangs bounce back to targets that have already been hit and grant bonus attack speed, and Spell Shield (E), which no longer refunds mana but instead grants Sivir a heal.

The initial movement speed burst from On the Hunt (R) has also been removed. While it still grants Sivir and allies increased movement speed, the ultimate will now also reduce her basic ability cooldowns.

These changes aim to give her “sharper movement speed” that synergizes with attack speed.

Williams also added a video showing the new behavior change to Sivir’s Ricochet (W), which now doubles back onto targets already hit.

Prior to this Sivir rework, Taliyah, Olaf, and Swain, who was given an infinite ultimate, were the latest few champions to be reworked in patch 12.8 and 12.9. Out of these three, only Taliyah and Swain have had an impact in pro play.

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